Five Ways to Quit Smoking
by S2H RT Staff

Anytime you search the internet for "Stop Smoking Help", you'll get the usual suspects. You'll find a government website that overwhelms you with information; you'll also get sites trying to sell electronic cigarettes (even though they're not supposed to be marketed as stop smoking aids); you'll also discover other sites selling hypnosis, acupuncture or some kind of a shot or some fancy liquid that has who-knows-what in it. Are there any sites out there that just tell the truth in a way that is easy to understand? Sure, and ours is the best. Tour our site and see if you don't agree.

Okay then, what are the scientifically studied ways to stop smoking, those ways that have published research backing up their claims? It is one thing to say, "take our product and we guarantee success", but if there's no science to back those claims, then you really have to question it. Anyone can claim success, but how many can show you their records? What stop smoking aid is best? What stop smoking aid has the highest quit rate? All are good questions, so lets begin.

1) Chantix - Chantix is a fairly new product that boasts a pretty good success percentage. It is somewhere around 20%. The makers describe it as more of a program, rather than a simple "pill" for stop smoking.

2) Zyban (Bupropion) - Zyban is an anti-depressant which has some anti-smoking properties. It also works by addressing some of the depression found in smokers.

3) Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) - Found in this category are things like gum/lozenges, the patch, nasal sprays, and inhalers. These have roughly the same success rate as Zyban.

4) Cold Turkey - Here the person just decides to quit all on their own without any help. Its success rate is the smallest of any of the above listed. Cold turkey really is the hardest method for people, because it requires nothing but will power. This is why people who quit cold turkey, have the highest relapse rate.

5) Hypnosis/Acupuncture - These two methods, although not considered frontline or traditional methods, do work for some people. However, the success rate isn't what you might expect. Most experts agree the success rates are similar to quitting cold turkey.

Here they are, essentially, five proven ways to stop smoking as found in the medical literature.

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